Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did we mention that we love FIT2Wed!!!???

I love Jessica Thomas' body bootcamp called FIT2WED. Initially, when she started her wonderful biz she thought it would mainly be for brides... now she is now busting at the seams with botcampers from all walks of life. I expecially love her blog, where she has all kinds of tips on healthy eating and working out. Since I love my chocolate chip cookies every night whilst watching American Idol, or whatever other show I happen to have Tivo'd, I like to implement Jessica's wonderful recipes at least a few times during the week to counter balance my nighttime noshing. My body can't run off chips and salsa 24/7. Thanks for all the creative ideas Jessica!

On another note, quite a few of you email us and say you want a shoot but you are going to hit the gym for a few months and back to us. To that we say, "NOOOOO." Love yourself as you are NOW. As much as I think it is incredibly important to be healthy and nutritious, don't rob yourself of this wonderful photo shoot experience. Trust us, you will love your body ten times more after your shoot.


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